Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pissed Jeans Hope For Men CD

It seems like a strange trip from Parts Unknown Records to SubPop, but that is the path Pissed Jeans have taken. 10 songs on Sub Pop. I had been hearing all about this band, but missed out on their 1st record and 7". Supposedly some super abrasive hardcore with a heavy nod to the early Touch and Go noise scene. A lot of good bands get name checked in regards to these guys so was definitely intrigued and psyched to throw this on, but I was also ready for a let down.
Opens up with a pounding anthem that brings to mind the Jesus Lizard and Birthday Party. Rambles,shambles, and stumbles along that short of a path. Other names like Black Flag, Germs,Dicks come to mind here and there. This is truly some fucked up and abrasive post-core/post punk whatever. Gets a little "how much art" on the last couple tracks, but still holds it together. The last track is a 7 minute plus tour de rock that gets popping after a few meandering mintues. Despite the fact that this is good and a unique take on some past giants, I don't think that I would pick this over some of the previously mentioned bands, if I had a few minutes to rock out to some demented rock action. I would be tempted to go see them live and see if the live up to their rep.

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