Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Villains Drenched in Poisons CD

I guess the US retro-thrash revolution is a few years behind the Euro wave, but it killer none the less(Dead Child, Early Man, Mericless, Toxic Holocaust,etc). That's what I was expecting when I picked this up. It opens with a more black metal type vibe (blackened thrash perhaps?) but is clearly under the influence of the 80s
Villains are from NYC and dropped this 8 song killer on Aurora Borealis Records.
Featuring Thralldom and Unearthly Trance member Killusion.
Classic song titles like "Seduce and Destroy" let you know whats up. Kreator'ish vocals, but they aren't scared to drop some high pitch screams either-more King Diamond than Overkill, but it works. It shifts into a more straight ahead thrash metal style for the middle 2-3 tracks and then heads back into a more black metal style.
They seem to be trying to channel the scummier side of life in NYC and this comes through in the art and graphics. I'm sure the lyrics further the effort, but I didn't check them out. They have managed a metallic alphabet variation that is extremely illegible. Good job guys!

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