Thursday, June 21, 2007

Betti Lavette Do your Duty LP

Sundazed reissues this Betty Lavette LP which was originally part of the SSS, Shelby Singleton record empire via Silver Fox if you are looking for the original. Circa 69/70. 11 songs on this album. Funky southern soul-but with some Detroit grit. Maybe a touch of that classic Tina from the Ike and Tina days. Has a melancholy Billy Preston vibe at times. Don't know who played bass on this but he carries most of the tunes with his melodic style. "At the Mercy of a man" is wicked. She steps right up to Janis and rocks, "Piece of my Heart" possibly the best cover since Keel gave it a go.... I wish she would ask me to "Slip Around" which makes cheating seem like the thing to do. She can keep a slow groove at a simmer and just stretch the heartbreak towards the sublime. Betty has her place among the motor city divas and does more than hold her own of this album. She just dropped an album on ANTI so check it and check for her live.

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