Monday, June 18, 2007

Florida Funk Funk 45s from the Alligator State Comp CD

Funk 45s from the Alligator State. 21 tracks spanning 68-75.Another Jazzman classic. With that wide a time frame, you get all permutations of funk-from a more traditional JB style up through the more spaced out sounds of the 70s and a hint of disco and some heavier guitar work as well.
Florida funk notables Blowfly and Little Beaver are both on here, but it is the unknown soldiers that bring the noise. It opens with a one two punch from New Generation and Pearly Queen. Hard not to get in the groove after that! The Mighty Dogcatchers drop a gem with "it's gonna be a mess(part2)" James Knight and the Butlers drop an track that is just as much southern soul as funk-maybe a Sam and Dave type feel on "Save Me". Carrie Riley drops one for the ladies on "Super Cool" which should be on Funk Soul Sisters 3....
Delray drop a monster groove on "pure funk(part 2)". Some horn driven instro madness. Wilie Johnson is ready to have you "Lay it on Me" on a funky track with a Wilson Pickett feel. "Funky Fast Bump" by the Outlaw gang is some killer Earth,Wind, and Fire style groove-group vocals, horns, etc. Extremely orchestrated and banging. Frankie Seay and the Soul Riders drop a monster with "Soul Food"-it opens with a kind for mournful flute line and then shifts gears. Drums are a Led Zeppelin steady stomp with sax and fuzzed out guitar coming over the top. Lots of drumbreaks to grab. A real bump and grind kind of instro. Complete with guitar solo! Mega rock-funk gem. Third guitar's "Baby don't cry" is another reminder that James Brown influenced funk tracks are always a good thing. Best band name goes to Weston Prim and the Blacklash. Their track "Spider Web" is a another above average instro. Emphasis on the saxophone on this one. The Monterays "Get Down" is pretty much the textbook on "holy grail" obscure funk 45s. Slow groove, plenty of drum breaks, horns, wah wah guitar, and shouts. There are plenty of other tracks on here and this is a comp that won't drift into the sell pile anytime soon.

I would love to drop some info from the liner notes-there are a lot, but they are so fucking small that I can't read them. I could if I got a magnifying glass, but I am not prepared to admit I am that old or blind. So track it down and read it yourself.
At this point you must be saying, "another funk comp"? Is there anything else out there to review? How about some more bad metal or punk? Well as long at these funk comps continue to be the best things coming out, you can expect me to keep talking about them.

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