Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Diplomats Here's a Heart b/w He's Got You Now 45

Cam,Juelz,Jimmy and the rest of the boys are currently the Diplomats, but they are not the first group of brothers to rock that name. Could this name-jack explain the attack on Cam'ron last year in in DC???
Way back in DC in the early 60s the Diplomats formed and released a double handful of singles before evolving in 73 into the Skull Snaps! Which I guess gives this single some of the mysterious pedigree of the Snaps. That said I don't think this Dipset will get sampled as much as the Skull Snaps. Pretty standard crying in my beer heartbreak fair. Maybe a Drifters kind of vocal group feel. This is their 2nd of 4 singles on Arock records.
Excellent DC area soul discography here.

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