Friday, June 22, 2007

Dirtbombs/ Stones covers 45 on Norton

Covering the Stone's "No Expectations" and working in a "Sympathy for the Devil/Hey Jude" fade out is a classic Dirtbomb's moment. So that makes half of this Norton Stones series 45 crucial. They start it off fairly faithful, but then rock it into the above mentioned area. Nice.
The Love Supremes do "Sing this all Together". Never really a fan of the faux "for the people"/hippie pop-psych type Stones tunes that they were dropping during the Satanic Majesties period, but the Love Supremes work in some trippy feedback and MLK samples to deliver an admirable performance.
A series of Stone's cover's seems like a waste of vinyl and time on some level, but the Dirtbombs appearance was enough to make me test the waters and I'm glad I did.


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