Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SST oddities

First off, let me be clear, SST released some of the most influential and important records of the 80s. They get a pass for a lot of missteps and odd releases(Tom T's Dog, Painted Willie,etc).
I guess by the mid 90s they were hurting for sales and seemed to have missed out on the grunge gravy train. So like any good label with an amazing back catalog, they repackaged and "re-released" some classics. Classic LPs came out on colored wax-cool. Who doesn't want colored vinyl? Then some 7"s came out as 10"s... Makes sense if you add some music or something cool, but these were just 3" larger versions. And the 7" versions were still available??? Then there was the oddest of all. The 3" cd version of the classic 7"s. The cool thing about CDs is how much music you can put on them(for example the Post-Mersh V1 and 2 cds to use an SST example)-CDs got the extra sale push by including "bonus tracks",but the 3" CD seems to be some techno-idiot attempt to mimic the 7". Why? What is the benefit? That is why these are so strange to me. Still packed in a plastic long box which dates them even more are these SST classics Paranoid Time, Six Pack, Nervous Breakdown. Nervous Breakdown is one of the finest moments in American musical history and the same can be said of Paranoid Time so they should be available in any and all technological formats that evolve, but this delivery system just seems odd.

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Anonymous said...

Easy There. Nothing wrong with Painted Willie and Tom T's Dog.