Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cycling Wrap Up

A weird week in cycling. Discovery and Bruyneel made some interesting headlines by one suggesting their new title sponsor may come from Asia and two withdrawing from the AIGCP. It is hard to believe that just 2 years ago this was the Armstrong juggernaut. Did other post Dynasty teams struggle as much? Banesto survived Indurian even if they didn't reach their former heights. I don't know enough to know the fate of Hinault or Merckx's teams, but the decline and desperation of Discovery is amazing. Extremely odd doping/"men in black" reference the other day on This is a sample quote before you jump over the check the whole article. "Gripper said that 'We have information that they train in strange places.'" How strange can a place be where you can still ride your bike? It causes you to think about riders you haven't seen racing in awhile.....
CSC are kicking butt in the tour de Suisse. Thomas Dekker wins a stage and continues to show promise. Route de Sud kicked off today, JP Nazon got the 1st stage. Holland's Ster Elektrotoer (which sounds more like a boat name than a race name to me) stage race has Skil-Shimano's Paul Martens. Back in the States the Nature Valley Grand Prix kicked off with Toyota United's Ivan Stevic getting the win. Fitchburg Longso is coming up next weekend for top level east coast action. Most Euro National Championships are this weekend. Always a fun couple days to track online.
Just finished reading Road Bike Action issue number two and have got to give it props. Of the more recently launched mags (Road, etc) it is the best. Definitely written by and for bike geeks. Good tech and race coverage. Good tips. Reviews are done by people who seem to really ride the bikes. As an added plus it feels like reading, not scolling through bullet points or power point. Rouleur may be the high-end high fashion euro mag, but RB Action will be bringing every month without crushing the budget.
Just in time for the TDF press build up, there will be 2 new doping related books. One by Landis and a second volume(1st in English?) going at Lance. Should be interesting.
And check out this blog. It is hilarious and hopefully keeps up at this pace
Had a less succesful Radler experiment with a summer ale and limeade. Close but no cigar. I will save the limes for the margaritas.

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