Thursday, March 8, 2007

Valentines Breakaway 45

I first heard this song on a northern soul comp cd and it grabbed me right away. Kinda motowny ode to escaping the city. "you gotta improvise/I can sympathize/You know I've been there too" was the lyric that drove it home for me. Started looking for it. Mainly online. It seemed to pop up on ebay frequently, but I would always get outbid. At least ten times. One day I see it pop back up and throw in my max bid 15 bucks knowing I will be outbid. With a day or two left, I got out bid and the frustration was too much. I up'd my bid to $25. Still pretty sure I would get outbid since the single usually goes for $40-50, but at least I'll try. I am not in the same league as some Northern Soul maniacs who will drop hundreds or thousands on a record, but I really wanted this one.
I take a closer look at the seller. He is in England. Not a big deal, just more in shipping. Until I realize I bid in POUNDS not dollars. Shit, that is about twice what I wanted to pay and of course I won for around 40-50 dollars. I can't complain. I was too cheap to bid big and get it and I wasn't finding it in local record stores so fucking up was the only way I got it. A good mistake in the end.
This highlights the danger and absurdity of buying things on ebay. There is no shame, no snotty record store geek laughing at you for spending so much, no cold hard cash coming out of your pocket. A couple clicks and it's done. You don't even have to get dressed, just zone out in front of the computer in your boxers. No wonder records go for such ridiculous money.


Ur Trommler said...

i made a similar blunder recently, though i actually LISTED an item on the UK EBAY site... you gotta keep them peepers open! it sold, but for 1p...

Anonymous said...

post a link to mp3 plz