Monday, March 5, 2007

Code of Honor 7"

I used to look at this 7" in the Toxic Shock catalog and in various zines and always meant to mailorder it, but for some reason I never did. Now am forced to see it priced for way too much money all the time. ARGHGHGGHHHHHH

Skating and hardcore why did I pass this up when I was 16?It even had the cryptic and vaguely ominous title "What are we gonna do?" As if this 7" wasn't good enough, check the cover to their split LP with Sick Pleasure(also the cover of their complete CD collection) for total B&W Skate Rock Brilliance. It is amazing to think about how few records were coming out back then and most of them were amazing. Compare that with the glut of shit that drops weekly that you will never remember if you even hear it. Good old nostalgia, guess I could buy the CD and get over it.... nope

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Ur Trommler said...

this one stuck out a bit with me back in the day ($2.99 @ newbury comics), cuz it wasn't blazing thrash - a minority situation back then! they went well with really red and the dicks on comp tapes...