Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Amanda Ambrose Lauging LP

Saw this in a Salvation Army with some other 70s soul and discoy records. Water damage cover, but she covers "gimme shelter". I am a sucker for Rolling Stones and Led Zep covers so this gets bought regardless of the condition. 1973. Bee Gee records?? 6 backing vocalists including Ms Snoox Hamilton -now where is her album?
Her take on Gimme Shelter was not what I expected and although not bad, it didn't have any of the menace of the original. Track 3 on side 2 "That Ain't Where It's At" has a nice G rated jazzy groove. Kinda like what you might hear playing in the background on Good Times. Have seen her records described as "soul jazz" on ebay and that seems accurate -maybe in a Roberta Flack/Stevie Wonder vein, but not at that level. "Power" the last track on side one is an upbeat mover with a groove similar to "cool jerk" with some nice horn stabs. Record has it's moments but at only 3/9 hot tracks it is not essential. She has a self titled LP on Dunwich with a couple Beatle's cover that looks good. She looks a little like Lauryn Hill on the cover of that one.
What is amazing is the lack of info online about her. Although she did have a track on the "zealous records presents Soul Sides" comp lp "sad songs" which is on this LP.

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