Friday, March 9, 2007

Handmade Bike Show

I wasn't there but thanks to, I feel I have seen all the highlights. From American Chopper worthy creations to 7 pound bikes they had it all.
It wasn't all ultra modern carbon fibre, pop this on your 3 speed or low-rider and you will be looking good. Brooks was also ready to give you leather fender flaps and wood bar end plugs. Nice.
Paul Components are offering a nice crank set which looks like something ANT has out.
Attention to detail and ridiculous specialization are the hallmarks of these shows. Like intricately lugged single speed 29" mountain bikes or Retro Style. So nice. Who wouldn't want to fishtail this thing down a nice downhill curve?
There is a giant gallery of steel work featuring Peter Mooney, Richard Sachs, Vanilla ,etc. Lug work was intricate to say the least!
And if you still can take it, check the track bike and fixed gear gallery. Indy Fab holding it down! This bike displays a nice brake lever from paul's components

These are just a small sampling of what you can see over at So go check it out. Check the NAHMBS site for an 06 Gallery as well.
And if handmade in America is too steep. Check out Swobo's new bikes. Looks like they are fixing to jump into Surly's target audience. Or how about trading in you PK Ripper for a new SE Racing Fixie?????

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