Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Soul Seven "everything is everything"

Now Again/Soultex/fatbeats give you Soul Seven "everything is everything" LP 3 tracks studio and one side live. A lot of unheard funk gives you rarity without hooks or sacrices sound quality. This is top grade funk, well recorded and catchy as hell.
The 3 studio tracks are all solid songs from 1969. 2 should sound familar as they are reworkings of the Meters and the Markeys. The other track turned up on the Funky 16 Corners comp which is highly recommended as is the unrelated website with the same name. The band were all students at Bishop College in Dalls Tx.
2nd track on the live side is an organ heavy insturmental that is killer almost proggy. They keep it uptempo and burn threw a full album side of live funk. Band is extremely tight as a former marching band should be.

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Ur Trommler said...

hey kid, why don't you post some reggae reviews??? soul is for weaklings, BURN DOWN BABYLON!