Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dark Planet: Visions of America DVD

This documentary "explores" 4 youth cultures and the "dark future" they hold for America. The scenes are skinhead, straightedge, black metal, and christian zealot. If you know anything about one of these genres, this is a pretty amusing documentary. Imperial from Krieg and Azentrius from Nachmystium represent US Black Metal. Ouch. Imperial's highlight is stumbling around the definition of "white light" religions. Did the filmaker leave this in to make him look bad or was this one of his least stupid statements? Hearing these two makes me glad Wrest doesn't do interviews.
The backbone of the straightedge section is the singer of Strife, but the highlight is the interview with Boston Beatdown/Righteous Jam's Elgin James. Lots of death to drug dealer talk from a variety of today's xedge youth from the NC area. (which I didn't realize was a Xedge hotbed, but I guess when Rob R Rock puts you on the map, you stay true) The skinhead section is more of the same redundant facts about skinheads that you have probably heard a hundred times. Jimmy Gestapo gets some screen time.
The Christian "zealot" section bounces between pointless and hilarious. The overriding theme being "look I am punk/weird/metal/cool but still xian". Most of the people interviewed could have done more to promote their "extreme" subculture by keeping their mouths shut than spewing their inane bullshit, but if they did that you wouldn't be able to chuckle your way through this documentary. If you put this up against something like the Minutemen documentary or American Hardcore or even the Supertouch documentary on YouTube you can see how weak it is.
The "6 degrees of separation" section is completely stupid.
Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, netflix of course

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