Friday, March 9, 2007

Rare Earth and the danger of being a one hit wonder

Stretching out a classic Temptation's song to 23 minutes is a pretty questionable move especially when you tell the audience up front that you are going to play it for "20-30 minutes", but on their double live LP, Rare Earth give you an entire album side of their big hit.
The Kinks gave "lola" an extended treatment on "one from the road" but since they had a bag full of other hits they didn't go too crazy. Rare Earth did not have that bag of hits to pull from.
I guess in the grand tradition of 70s live LPs, they manage to fit all their individual solos into this one track, but still, Damn. Apparently this was their trademark closing song.

At least it wasn't a live DVD, cause I don't know about 23 minutes of looking at these dudes.

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