Wednesday, March 14, 2007

amy winehouse back to black cd

I think I first heard her track with Ghostface on a mixtape or the radio and thought it as just some Portisheady shit with Ghost doing his thing. But I checked out a 3 song promo floating around and it was real catchy. Then I grabbed the album. She's got a voice, kind of old school but she is singing some wild modern shit. Beats are more hip hop than Portishead. Maybe a slightly dark Wu Tang vibe on some of the tracks (don't bug out there are no swords or kung fu), but if you wondered what would Roberta Flack sing over if she was 20, maybe it would be something like this. All right Roberta is reaching what Lauryn Hill should be singing over instead of playing acoustic. "Tears dry on their own" goes for a more motowny horns and strings approach but the lyrics are still in that Liz Phair diary type mode. She's got a Lindsay Lohan/Bald Brittany Spears anthem "Rehab" very timely. Pitchfork hates her and I agree with parts of the review (the Joss Stone dig), but who cares it's good.
Not only is the record good, but in the grand English tradition she is feuding with and hates Lily Allen-another girl working in this style of music. Gotta love it.

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