Friday, March 16, 2007

Black Merda and Velvert Turner

Hendrix was a huge influence and when he died he left a lot of people wanting more of his sound. There were plenty of people ready to step up and fill that gap. These are 2 good ones.

Velvert Turner a man who turned out only one album but gave you 2 choices a "rock version" and a "soul" version. The rock record had extra overdubbed guitar solos. Velvert was a friend/acquaintance of Hendrix and he must have studied him closely for whatever time he was around him. It's a guitar/bass/drums trio that sound just like the one Hendrix had. Not necessarily a bad thing, but even when it's good it makes you wonder why you aren't listening to Hendrix himself. As a record nerd footnote here is a tip on how to tell the records apart "... the two versions of the album - the only way you can tell the difference is to look at the matrix numbers. Matrix #16741 is the rock version, sporting an overdubbed second guitar. Matrix #16951 is the soul version and lacks the overdubbed guitar. Both versions are supposedly worth owning." Thanks Bad Cat Records for the info. Radioactive Records did a reissue of the rock version on CD.

Black Merda cam out of Detroit and there hard rocking funk which is often compared to Funkadelic. To me they are clearyl operating more out of Hendrix's bag of tricks that George Clintons. The opening track to the "the folk's from mother's mixer" cd has a total Hendrix groove. "my mistake" is a ballad that mixes a "little wing" type groove with some motowony strings for a nice effect. The whole record was recorded in 1970 and had a kind of slightly depressed post-60s/living tough in the city vibe that makes it stand out. It is a 19 track reissue on Funky Delicacies. This is a good rock record worth tracking down. They also have a new LP of "unreleased" songs on FD. Check it.

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