Thursday, March 15, 2007

Before Birdman Aussie garage/punk comp 65-67

Looks like a "back from the grave" comp series from Australia. A lot of Pretty Things/Yardbirds garage stompers. Between Vol 1 and 2 you have 32 tracks so I will only mention the highlights. But if you like 60s garage punk and R&B with an English (excuse me Australian accent) you will enjoy this and you can also get excited to track down Volumes 3 and 4! Track three should sound familiar to Cheater Slicks fans as it is the Moods original version of "rum drunk". Sunset's "I want love" is a good organ and guitar workout, but this first volume was kind of a snooze fest and I didn't rush to put on Vol 2, but when I did I was pleasantly surprised. Vince Maloney open it up with a fuzz guitar gem. "Gypsy Woman" by Allusions is another memorable track. Purple Hearts appear again with a classic "Of hopes,dreams, and tombstones". Don't drop out of school kids is the message! The standout track on side one. "see the way" by the Black Diamonds keeps it rolling. Side 2 opens up fast and furious and keeps it rolling. Chris Hall & the Torquays,In-Sect,Robbie Peters,and Running Jumping Standing Still all deliver up beat rockers with killer guitar sounds.
Vol 2 was good enough that I would roll the dice on 3 and 4 even though none of these songs made me want to rush out and buy a keg and have a party, but they are still some crucial slices of garage punk obscurity. I think the Purple Hearts " of hopes, dreams, and tombstones was the best of the lot.
Not sure where to pick it up maybe Crypt or Get Hip?