Wednesday, March 14, 2007

versoma life during wartime

The ads (and that stupid advertising flap more cds seem to have lately) tell you this is a supergroup with former members of Anodyne, Lickgoldensky,Hot Cross, and Orchid (and many more depending on where you look), but that is not really telling you much about this record. 6 song ep with a nice vinyl version. Robotic Empire is the label.
It has got a post punk sensibility/simplicity mixed with lifetime of looking for the most aggressive sounds. An overall morose feel that is well executed and not some sappy eyeliner shit. At times it is reminiscent of Plexi (probably not a good reference and they don't seem to be rocking any make up). Maybe a beefier My Bloody Valentine would be a more useful comparison. "Come in Alone" is a super catchy loner anthem. Calling it in the vein of Hammerhead is a big compliment in my book No need to call this metal, screamo, whatever. It is just a kick ass record. It is packing a hell of a punch and at around 20 minutes it is not wasting your time delivering the goods.
Check there myspace and then bum out since they already broke up... what are they from DC?

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