Friday, March 16, 2007

Show times for bands

During my 20s, I used to go out and see bands night afteer night. No sleep off to work, snatch a nap, and do it again. Well I love music as much now as I did then, but am hardly ever going out to shows. Why? I cannot stand sitting in a bar til one in the morning. It makes no sense. The general pearl of wisdom I hear is that, bands play until last call to keep people drinking in the bar. Newsflash, people who want to drink will hang and drink regardless. If you started bands at 7 or 8PM and for a typical 3 band show ran it off at 8/9/10PM you would probably get more people out to see the bands. You could have one of the endless stream of serious or ironic DJs rock until last call and guess what? People would stay and drink.

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