Monday, March 12, 2007

No Core NC Hardcore 82 comp

This is a vinyl repress of the 1982 "no core" comp tape from No Core. Classic North Carolina HC. COC are the biggest name here, but for my money No Labels steal the show. Ferocious guitar sound. 15 Songs from No Labels and 16 from COC. COC is in the Eye for an Eye style maybe a touch sloppier but still killer -more of a Jerry's Kids type sound than the sound the would become known for. "College Town" remains a classic and "no core" is a ultra fast rager. Both these bands were on the amazing "Empty Skulls" comp tape from around this time 82/83. Doesn't sound dated to me. Shit like this and Neon Christ coming out of the South in 82 was pretty fucking rad. It's hard to remember that back in the 80s if you rode a skateboard or looked weird, you could count of getting shit. The good old days. "Chance to Speak" by No Labels is a standout with a kind of Faith sound. It's amazing that even back in 82 with the hardcore scene being practically brand new that their are so many songs about the scene being so stupid.
No Rock Stars get 6 songs and Colcor finish it off with 7 songs. Both offer a killer abrasive sound that wouldn't have been out of place on Touch and Go or Dischord. No Rock Stars appear to be the most competent musicians and bring to mind Scream at times.
Raw Deal Recordings. Not sure where you can pick it up. The Kill from the Heart site has a review that indicates the record is from 2002.

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