Friday, April 20, 2007

Clarene Reid Allston 45

Clarence Reid drops 2 shots of Southern Soul on Allston. Still hard to believe that this is Blowfly. "Good Old Days" is the Plugside from 1971. Pretty forgetable feel good track about doing it better the second time around. Although I guess it was one of his billboard charting hits. Back up vocalists kind of overpower him on the track. "10 Tons of Dynamite" is how hard her sweet love hit him. Nice mid tempo track that is better than the A-side. I can only imagine the lyrics his alter ego Blowfly would have given to a track called "10 Tens of..." anything.
I have yet to grab a 45 on Allston that was killer. They have the right artists, but I have yet to been floored by one of their records.

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