Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Freeze 7"s reissues

Schizophrenic records has reissued a couple Freeze classics as well as unearthing a live LP worth of music from 1980!(to be reviewed later) Each record comes with all the original inserts and bonus interviews and/or artwork. Props to Schizophrenic.
Guilty Face 4 original tracks plus 2 unreleased songs from the Boston Not LA sessions!!
"Violent Arrest" is a classic and my favorite song from this record. Especially if you've ever seen the Mill Hill Club. I remember buying this in the Cape Cod Mall when I was a young one (Record Town?) $2.49 and the price tag is still on there.
"We're not the Abnormal Ones" has kind of an Avengers sound and a classic punk lyric "were not the abnormal ones.... you are!". "I'm too Good for you" is a earlier version of "Princess Die" that is a bass driven killer and a cool glimpse into the origins of that song.
Snatching the unreleased tracks vaults this reissue ahead of the Ac/tion recods white vinyl 10" reissue from a few years ago.(OK when I say a few years, it is probably a decade or more, but is seems like yesterday)
"I Hate Tourists" is a KBD classic and an anthem for any real Cape Codder who has spent time gridlocked in traffic. The flipside is weak (terrible actually) and overall I have always thought this single to be overrated compared to their other releases. The reissue comes with a faux construction paper cover and an Winston Smith inspired alternate cover that is in keeping with the Freeze's LP artwork. I found a copy of this 45 (no cover) in the Salvation Army in Hyannis. 25 cents. Classic score.
Someone needs to trackdown the 16mm video epic "Pyro" and get cracking on a DVD single of that!
The Freeze can of course be found on myspace.

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