Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crash of Thunder -Vampisoul comp of the King labels

A King records comp with no James Brown tracks? 20 tracks of some of the more obscure tracks from King,Federal, and Deluxe labels. Mickey Murray was only name that rang a bell. Peggy and Artie's "How do you Feel" is a classic lost gem that fades out too fast. Jeb Stuart tells you how to "Soul Jerk It, Baby" which has a couple nice breakdowns to hand claps and drums. Mary Queenie Lyons drops an excellent version of "Fever"-with a killer drum break. There's 2 things you don't mess with if you don't want to upset Charles Spurling-"his money and his honey". So take his advice and stay out of his "Dangerzone" or he will take your life. He sounds so happy for a guy threatening to kill you so watch out-he actually sounds a little like Jackie Wilson. Charles comes back a few tracks later with "Let me be(a steppin soul)" An urgent up temp rocker. IF you ever wondered if Mickey Murray's siblings were funky, Clarence answers with a hell yeah on his track, "The Book of Love". The Presidents drop some serious rock tinged funk.
Very brief liner notes, but Matt "Mr Fine Wine" Weingarden packs in the info. Vampisoul once again manage to put together a killer soul comp that should keep you dancing.

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