Sunday, April 15, 2007

Soul Children Hold On I'm Coming CD

Mid 90s Stax reissue of 14 Soul Children tracks. 8 from 70-73, 4 from the disco days, and 2 live from WattStax. The Soul Children were 4 singers 2 men/2 ladies. Formed around John "Blackfoot" Colbert. Classic Stax sound of the 1st 8 tracks. "Hold On I'm Coming" is a rework of the Sam and Dave classic. "riding on love's merry-go-round" has a totally hectic arrangement. They do a major overhaul of Lou Rawl's "Love is Hurtin Thing". Buried on the B-Side of on of the disco tracks is a killer Stevie Wonder cover of "signe,sealed,delivered, I'm yours". Closing it out with 2 live from the WattStax fest is a no lose proposition. Gospel rarity, "I Don't Know What this World is Coming To" is a knock out punch and the he vs she slugfest of "hearsay" brings the battle of the sexes to a boiling point.
I have mixed feelings about the rebirth of the Stax label. Comebacks are never easy, especially when you are competing against classics. Ask Jordan or Jay-Z. But regardless of what the put out for new music, they can mine a ton of gold out of their back catalog.

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