Monday, April 16, 2007

MuthaFunkinSonofaBitch comp CD

16 tracks of instrumental funk on Funkadelphia Records Same label that did the killer Philly Soul Girls comp. Check the site, they have tons of reissues 45 and CD.
MFSB might have supposed to mean "Mother,Father,Sister, Brother" but "MuthafunkinSonofaBitch" is just as believable to me.
The members of these bands all went on to work with Philly International and build the more lush Gamble-Huff sound as MFSB backing groups like the Delfonics,OJays, and Spinners but don't expect that level of polish here-this is gut bucket funk. Best band name? Race Street Chinatown Band of course! Supposedly these got released as 45s. Good luck finding them. Lots of organ,wah-wah, horns. Best song title? "Egg Foo Wa Wa". The interpretations "Jason Pew Mosso" has some nice psuedo sitar action. All killer.

Possibly worth it just for this quote from Sun Ra, "To save the planet I had to go to the worst spot on Earth, and that was Philadelphia which was death's headquarters".
Damn. I would have guessed Trenton or Cleveland.

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