Friday, April 20, 2007

Snake Apartment

This splattered green vinyl platter opens with a track "Paint the Walls" that sounds like later era Black Flag jamming with Jesus Lizard-and it sounds good on 33 or the 45RPMs it is supposed to spin on. Snake Apartment hail from Providence RI and Parts Unknown Records is the label bringing this to your attention. 6 songs
A sick guitar sound will go a long way in my book and these guys got it. Ginn like solos, but a much heavier guitar sound. A throw back to the glory days when armies of drugged up scum bags were dropping endless hours of slugdey punk and dirgey noise. Remember back when it seemed like AM REP could do no wrong and you were psyched to grab records on Sub-Pop and Touch and Go?
Cover is some Bad Trip Savage Pencil looking thing and the insert is more trad hardcore look. The Endless Bummer cartoon is a nice twisted piece.
Before you take a handful of pills and half a bottle of vodka and try and jam on Funhouse or Big Jesus Trashcan, save your self the time. Put this on the turntable and chill.

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