Friday, June 15, 2007

Moss/Monarch split 7"

Rise Above give you 2 bands doing covers. Monarch go for the Turbonegro classic "I got Erection" and Moss cover Discharge's "Maimed and Slaughtered". Monarch do a fairly straight forwarded cover. Not the massive wall of rock that Turbo deliver, but a more lo fi menacing version kinda stoogey. I guess the female vocals give it a novelty angle. Good but not crucial and doesn't live up to the high expectations the pairing creates.
Super slow Moss tackle super fast Discharge. "Maimed and Slaughtered" is slooooowwweed and stretched to the breaking point as Moss give it the full Burning Witch/Eyehategod treatment. Brutal and the main reason to scoop this up. Limited to 500 in a Grey Purple generic Rise Above sleeve to indicate from a distance that you have a collectable artifact in your hands
Sorry no photos my camera is on vacation....

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