Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cycling Wrap UP

Can't imagine anyone is stoked to be selected for the Tour of Slovenia, but Garzelli and Nibali grab stages and are on track to end up on the podium behind native Mitja Mahoric. Liquigas keeps winning.
Dauphin's Ventoux stage goes to Christophe Moreau who is on a Virenque like Autumn of his career tear-and read into that what you will. Now the TDF, does not want Riis at the tour, but Festina survivor Moreau is OK? Interesting. I guess the 90s doping legacy will hang over us for a few more years(provided it can get cleaned up somehow)Valverde did not have a good day. He finished 28 minutes down behind Backstedt and Nuyens
In other doping news, Bruunyel might look to China for a title sponsor??? That doesn't sound sketchy.... They can't find a US or Euro sponsor? Only 2 years after their Armstrong winning streak and they can't find anyone to step up???Never mind Cofidis pulling the plug. Musical chairs for pro-tour riders this year.
Pettachi must have left his asthma medication at home as he only finished 65th out of 73 finishers in the aptly named Veenendaal-Veenendaal in Holland. Craig Lewis holding in down at 52 for Slipstream. The USA national team is battling at Thüringen-Rundfahrt which wraps up tomorrow. I am really more excited about the younger riders slugging it out in this odd races than they Pro-Tour events. I guess I don't have any reason to believe one is cleaner than the other, but it seems less tainted at this point. Maybe I have watched too many movies like PureSweet Hell,Pro,Hard Road, and Transition one and two and love the undergog and the hard road.

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