Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Super Cool Cali Soul V2

Any comp that starts off with a new version of "Compared to What" is off to a good start with me. The Gow Do Experience tackle the Eugene McDaniels classic on this 16 song Luv'N Haight complitation-not once but twice!
Sick vibraphone groove on Revolution Rap by Joey Jefferson Band. No rapping but a nice funky instrumental groover. Spanky Wilson does a killer cover of "Fancy" by Bobby Gentry. Spanky pretty much owns this funky gem. LAPD drop a organ driven workout called "Big Herm". It wouldn't be a good funk or soul comp without someone dropping a James Brown style vocal and Johnny Morisette gets the honor here with "I'm Hungry". A grunts,sax, and wah wah classic. David Glover keeps the party rolling with, "We got to get it together" which as a real Stevie meets Sly Stone type of vibe. Nice shuffling groove. Gow Do return with Psychedelic Sally and it is a banging up tempo instrumental. Just when you think it can't get any better, Rodney Trotter drops "Space Nigga" a Parliamnet/Ohio Players type jam.
SF Pimp Darondo gets a spot on this comp and makes it count.
Extremely listenable comp that you will want to keep on repeat. I would go so far as to say a must have if you are a funk/soul fan.
As a final bonus the liner notes and photos are top notch-super detailed and a good read to boot.

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