Sunday, June 10, 2007

AC Bhativendanta Swami Pradhupada Krsna Meditaion LP Krisna Rock V 19

1974 on Radha Krsna Produktions(RKP 1005) this LP called "Krsna Meditaions" is comprised of 2 side long tracks. Side a is "Prayers to the Six Govindas" and Side B is "Yasomati-nandana Cintamani" Prabhu sings and plays the harmonium accompanied on drums. One set of drums is played by none other than Hansadutta. German origin-hence "produktions"
This is a pretty killer devotional lp. In the vein of the kirtan records, but more traditional and calming. Not unlike a less ecstatic Nusrat Ali Khan record. Although his voice is the center piece,he still manages to rock out on the harmonium. Especially towards the end of side two. You can hear more of Prabhupada here.
Perhaps the first vinyl appearance of Hansadutta and he is contained here in his role as a sideman. This may be the oldest krsna record, I have reviewed. Once I hit 20 or 25 records, there will be a masterful recap of all the action. Fear not.

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