Monday, June 11, 2007

King Coleman It's Dance Time CD

This is the man who taught you to dance the Mash Potato, the Hully Gully, and the Booga Lou. This is the Mash Potato Man himself who dropped killer R&B stompers on Dade,Togo,Port, and Big Apple.
This Norton CD compiles 22 tracks of unrepentant get up and dance juke box killers. King is an over the top shouter that gives it 110%. He also loves to laugh over the tracks and given the lyrical content I am not suprised a grown man would laugh! Trust me I am not one looking for overly intelletcual lyrics, so that is not a dig. He also likes to sing his songs in the 1st person, like "I'm a pitbull" on "Pitbull". You've heard a lot of these tracks on classic R&B comps, but now get them all in one place.
This is perfect summer back yard party music. And as mentioned in a recent review of the Lookey Dookey 45, he is on myspace and still active.

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