Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pye Republican 1967 45 triple play

I come from the Bushmills side of the divide when it comes to Ireland, but can't claim strong opinions one way or the other. I am aware of Pye releases mainly because of the Kinks and some more late 60s groups. They also dealt with Petula Clark and Lonnie Donnegan. I had no idea they were involved promoting the Republican Cause in Ireland, but here's the proof. 1967 release date for all 3

The Tinkers Reluctant Patriot b/w Rifles of the IRA . The Tinkers were of course dispossessed Irish who choose to be homeless rather than pay tax to England. This group of Tinkers play some banjo driven folk protest anthems. Clearly the most political of these singles, but you'd be hard pressed not to hum along if you heard it played regardless of your political opinions

The Rambler- Those Brown Eyes b/w Muisheen Durkin. Muisheen Durkin is a farewell tune to his hometown as he heads out to the US of A. Catchy acoustic guitar folk. "Those Brown Eyes" is a 3/4 ballad familiar to most with guitar and harmonica.

Pat Lynch & The Airchords "Picking up the Pieces" is a fair approximation of US Country filtered through an Everly Brothers kind of pop sensibilities. Kind of some honky tonk pop. Doing a full 180 comes "The Irish Soldier" which opens with bagpipes and tells the tale of some "true Irish Men" trying to free old Wexler town. A song of loss. It retains the pop sensibility and cathciness of the flipside none the less.

It is always fun to stumble onto an unknown genre of music. Can't say if 3 45s on Pye constitutes a sub genre, but Guthrie/Dylan influenced political balladering was not something I expected from them.
Thanks to Ur Trommler who provided this from his ample stock of Papist Propaganda.

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