Monday, June 11, 2007

Tavarez is starting to grow on me

The official JT blister cure
"Tavarez has been making his last few starts with a torn blister at the tip of his right middle finger, which he has been successfully self-treating in a unique way. He said that he dealt with the problem by: 1) popping the blister, 2) repeatedly swabbing it with rubbing alcohol, 3) crushing aspirin, mixing it with Red Bull energy drink and rubbing it on the wound. The process has dried and hardened the broken skin." From the Boston Herald. Also mentioned in the Globe
Red Bull and Aspirin????? Anyone want to test this?? Do they test for this?
The thing that really started to change my mind was the story that with his first big check, he bought a floor for his families house in the Dominican. No Escalade, no Bentley, a floor. Very practical.
Then there was the whole Manny rubbing his head episode.
Finally his incessant attempts to communicate with Dice K and Okajima are amazing.
Tavarez was a nightmare last year coming out of the bull pen, but has been way above expectation in his role as the 5th Starter.
Keep an eye on the paper, cause he is always good for a quote. No wonder they call him Bat Shit.

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JJ said...


I will never forget when he had a broken finger (from punching a phone) and he came in a pitched and a line drive came up the middle and he knocked it down with his broken glove hand!!

Kirk Gibson no, but still..that was in 2005 until our run met that Red Sox machine..