Monday, February 12, 2007

Action Speaks Louder than Words -SSS records

action speaks louder than words comp sss records
Vampi-Soul drops another classic comp. 24 tracks focused on the muisical emprie of Shelby S Singleton. Under a variety of labels he dropped southern soul and funk classics, unitil he hit gold with the song "Harper Valley PTA". He used the cash he got from that to buy the Sun Records catalog. At the point he seemed to stop putting out records and started collecting checks. Independent business man. Nice.Sam Dees and Gloria Taylor have the stand out tracks, but all in all its got some stand out shouter, instramentals, funk, soul, etc. Vampi-Soul has been stringing together a solid run of comps and reissues. All well done with good liner notes (especially that new Andre Williams collection. Worth the money alone for his stories about hating on Stevie Wonder at Motown. Come on? Hating on Stevie?)

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