Friday, February 16, 2007

American Hardcore DVD

Inspired by the book?, a documentary all about hardcore. DC, Cali, Boston, NYC, midwest.
Jack Rabid's interviews are highly entertaining. Especially when juxtaposed against some of the more intellectual interpretations.
"Document what" asks Jimmy Gestapo,"me getting dusted?" Jimmy was the highlight of the NYHC shit for me, not so hot on the Harley's world view on life.
The So-Cal and Boston parts were my favorites. The footage of Negative FX opening for Mission of Burma captures a real culture clash here in beantown.
Gregg Ginn looks to be channeling a 50 year old Napolean Dynamite during his interviews.
HR seems suprisingly together.
Gang Green interviews were awesome.
Definetely tracks down some interesting figures some well known some not. Some of these people have stood the test of time and others look like the glory days have receded around 85 or so.
All this things are based of a screening I saw over the summer, and I will be refresing my memory with the DVD that comes out next week.

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