Tuesday, February 13, 2007

thrift shop score

Right off the bat, thanks go out to the person that gave me the tip about this. A bunch of punk records in the bins at the Saugus Salvation Army. Something to do on a Friday night. Jump in the car and race home to walk the dog. Then the dog and I head for RT1. Not disappointed. Big Boys Lullabies and Wreck Collection. Dr. Know and Raw Power (later cross over records by both)Then some odd stuff on Kranky who knew that Labradford came on colored wax or that "limited" colored wax Sonora Pine lps would end up in an SA. I guess the "limited" refered to the demand more than the supply! Definitely has the feel of someones parents dropping of a box they shouldn't have. Too bad. Keep digging and grab a few other things. There is a Gatefold LP called Construction from a band called Ten Wheel Drive on Polydor. Could be country rock, could be psych could be anything, but I am feeling lucky so I grab it. James Brown had just died and I read in an obituary that his favorite hymn was "his eye is on the Sparrow". See a gospel LP with that title by Ethel Waters. Thanks to Wax Poetics I snatch up a couple Salsoul and Cuban records that I would have passed on a few months ago. Not bad. Then the excitement. A test pressing. Looks like a 12" or an lp of 4 long songs. No speed. Just a catalog number that starts with "RR" which because of the crossover hardcore makes me think. RoadRunner. Excitement. What could it be? A Sepultura testpress? Obituary?? 13 records 13 bucks and I'm out the door.
Fast ride home to start to checking it all out. Unmarked test press goes on 1st. The 12" was a 12" unidentified hip hop. The mystery continues-didn't recognize it right off the bat so it is sitting in a box awaiting further research. The Ten Wheel Drive is passable boogie rock with female vocals. The kind of band that could splinter into 12 different sounds (psych, fusion ,etc)
Now of course some of this got sold on Ebay(mainly to fund my Krishna Psych Music research project-which will be up for discussion next week) but it had been a long time since my last memorable thrift store find and this definitely rekindled the fires. Thanks Patty-who walked away with an autographed copy of Blast Its in my Blood!! What? in a Salvation Army in Saugus? Now that is a score worth bragging about!

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