Thursday, February 15, 2007


An Old Quote from Velonews....
Asked whether his remarkable feat in Stage 17 of the Vuelta was due to strength or strategy, new race leader Alexandre Vinokourov said it was a bit of both: "Thanks to the strategy of the whole team, we have obtained this result, but when I saw that Valverde was approaching [on the descent into Granada], I decided to attack alone and there it was a question of force."
I wish I could ride a bike like him and talk in his terminator vocab style.
Isn't is all just a question of force??? Riding for telekom looking so pissed in pink. And then he rolls over to what color blue is that? turquoise? Khazah Blue? Either way, you had better be a monster if you are rocking this ensemble. The beast in blue.
There aren't that many riders that can animate a race like him. He is capable of some amazing feats of tactics and awesome demonstrations of power. And he does most of this on his own with little or no support from his teams.
Vino dominated last year's Vuelta which is turning out to be the most entertaining of last year's grand tours which overall were kind of disappointing.

I hope Vino can bring that aggression and excitement to this years TDF.

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