Friday, February 16, 2007

Lifetime- Call it a comeback?

A new Lifetime record? I was skeptical. A new Lifetime record that has something to do with Fall Out Boy? I was even more skeptical. (Sidenote, why do these bands that pimp the undergound to the mainstream always try and "give back" and "be down"? pointless) Lifetime started out bad, Background???? Real bad. Come on big pants, flowers, big necklaces and post moshcore was not a good look or sound. But out of nowhere they drop 2 classic albums. Short blasts of early 20s angst. Super Road trip anthems. Records you would put on when you were alone or walking around listening to your walkman(or cd player, or Ipod or whatever) Who would have guessed. And then they were gone. Perfect no long slow decline. No "new direction" or overproduced attempt to go "big" or "breakout". Post lifetime bands ran the gamut from OK to terrible, but all failed to exceed what had come before them. None of them had that spark and urgency. Ari had a way with words that made you think he could read your mind.
So that's not too bad. Most bands don't put out a good single let alone go 2 for 3 on great LPs. Most people would be happy to retire on that and that was why I was skeptical. Why come back? Didn't look so good for Jordan, Jay-Z, etc.
So I played hard to get ,and I didn't pick it up right away, and on first listen I thought it was good but not the 1st Lifetime record I would grab if I wanted to listen to something while working on my bike or making dinner or whatever. But I tried again, threw it on first thing in the morning at work when no one was there and the old magic was still there. "Airport Monday Morning" stands out. After repeated listens, it is holding up.
I've got a couple long drives this weekend and you can bet I will put this on and think about the past and look out towards the future. The funny thing about getting old is instead of picturing myself as the guy in the songs, my kids are old enought that I think about them being the dudes in the song.

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