Monday, February 12, 2007

Tommy Guerrero - Future Primitive - 1985

This part stands the test of time as the best ofthe early street skating parts (lance in BB video show is a runner up or maybe the Gonz and Rocco in Skate-Rock). Watching this will bring a smile to my face no matter what is going on. Even with the white gloves Tommy G sets the standard for skate fashion.
Can't think of many other 80s "street" parts that give it a run for its money-maybe Danforth in NHS Oceanside?
I walked past that red curb he boardslides on my second trip to SF and was bugging out when I realized why it was so familiar looking.

Footnote: TG recreated parts of this for a new(er?) Krooked video which I have not seen yet, but am going to track down.

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