Thursday, February 15, 2007

Soul Gospel Overload

Thanks to the Numero Group and Soul Jazz labels, there is now another section of the record bins I need to keep an eye on. Only in a genre as small as funky/soulful gospel would 2 comps coming out be a deluge, but there you go. Both comps have good to great liner notes (winner Numero Group by a nose)
Soul Gospel 2 from the soul jazz label throws down 20 tracks of soulful and funky gospel. "since I've been born again" by Martha Bass was a personal favorite. Upbeat stomper. Pastor TL Barrett takes on Stevie Wonder and covers "have a talk with god". For some reason, I think this is much better than Vol 1 of Soul Gospel which seemed to lean heavier on expected artists like Odetta and the Staples.
Up next is the "Good God" gospel funk hymnal on Numero Group. 18 tracks of off kilter funky odes to the lord. Numero Group digs deep (as usual) and digs up some real nuggets. Everyone of their comps has been a home run and this is no difference. Just keep buying them and just keep telling yourself you will track down the original 45s....... sure you will. But someday, someday I will get that Trevor Dandy record.... someday

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