Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Respect due for Wax Poetics Magazine.

Wax Poetics is a kick ass magazine that deserves massive respect. With the depth of information that they bring to the subjects they cover, it is a challenge to digest it all before the next issue is in your hands. When it was quarterly, I would be anxioulsy awaiting the next issue but coming out every 2 months means you better start reading. When it started to come out more often, I expected that the depth of the research and articles would suffer, but that has not been the case. They dig for the facts, photos, and artifiacts with all the skill and dedication of the best record junkie. And even after a few years they keep it interesting.
This mag is straight record nerd porn as well. Page after page of covers. People remisncinng on influential records, etc. But, they dig under the records and bring to life a lot of stories. They always do the musicians and producers right-giving them acknowldegement and respect that they don't get anywhere else. They are like the This Old House of hip hop -breaking down all the foundational knowlege and tools you need to build something. Even if you are not a producer or dj, it is an amazing read everytime. You are going to have to put in more work than reading the Source or Downbeat , but the rewards are so much greater.
Check them online as well the reDiscovered section will provide you with more records to search for.

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