Friday, February 9, 2007

Barnyard Soul

barn yard soul
"greasy, gritty, groovy, southern-fried soul" is the tag line on the front of this 27 track collection from Deep Groove records. A lot of soul and funk shouters that all thought James Brown was a little too intellectual with the lyrics. Why use words if a good old grunt or holler will do?Rising above the monster mash novelty record level, is "Frankenstein Stomp" by Geene Bowlegs Miller. Good year round, not just on Oct 31st.Otis Clay and Lowell Fulsom (doing a cover of "why don't we do it in the road") are the best known names on here. But with song titles like "do the dog-funk", "hot butter n all PT1", "party time" and "astrological soul train" you should have an idea what you are getting in for. House party classic, if you don't mind the spilled beer. I have had more time to listen to this and want to reiterate the lyrical brilliance of Lou Courtney "I put the popcorn on her/hot butter and all" as well asPiney Brown "I got it/you want it/let's do the dog funk" , By the time the Rhythm Kings are dropping "party time", they have been reduced to "come on you can do it" Do you think you can figure out the lyrical focus of "astrological soul train"? A G-rated run through the signs, calling everyone to the dance floor to breakdown. UGGHHH!The intentions "I don't get down like that" intro is begging to get sampled. Raekwon anyone?

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