Friday, February 9, 2007

Wheedle's Groove Seattle Funk 65-75

Wheedle's Groove "Seattle's finest in funk and soul 65-75". Light in the Attic records. Gotta respect this label and their reissues. This is by no means a timely review as this came out 2 years ago, but none the less a banger. Good Liner notes, tons of photos, and a boat load of killer music. 21 tracks on this comp. The hard charging Black on White Affair open this comp up. 2 stand outs for me are the Overton Berry Trio cover of "hey jude"-if only all lps recorded in hotel lounges where this good and the Topics cover of NW classic "Louie, Louie" -with a nice spaced out breakdown. 3 contempary artists contribute that don't suck or fuck up the flow of the record-one with a "lost track found in a thrift store" hoax. Trivia tidbit Quincy Jones orginated in Seattle. Also nice to see that bands shared members-not unlike they are doing now. The liner notes give you a feel for the era and the region and drop just enough hints to make you think you could track down some of these on a visit(keep dreaming). Sometimes comps tend to blur together with no dynamics or trade of catchy tunes for rarity. This comp suffers from neither of those problems. Put it on and get it popping. You will be humming "wheedle's groove" and "deep soul part one".

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