Thursday, February 8, 2007

dj shadow starter kit

DJ Shadow starter kit gone wrong
I always found the guys wandering around record conventions with portable and kiddie turntables to be a little disturbing, but I figured since they might be dropping big bucks on records they deserve a little quality control.That said things have gone too far. Yesterday, I headed out to do a little record shopping. Right off the bat I am annoyed because 2 douche bags are in the soul section. You've got DJ Shadow JR and Baby DJ Spooky. I am sure they had the illest record collections in their respective high schools, but why do idiots like this always end up in my way? Then I get more annoyed as they are talking-seriously shut the fuck up and look at the records. I do not want to hear you regurgitate whatever you just read in Wax Poetics last issue. Then the last straw, DJ shadow Jr has portable record player. And he and DJ Spooky starter kit aren't even looking at the soul section they are digging through the cheap hip hop 12"s on the floor. DJ Shadow JR is taking $1 12"s and spinning them. Maybe he doesn't know what a RZA track sounds like or Premier or whatever. How hard is it to look at the artist and producer and know what it sounds like?It's a dollar shithead, buy it and get out of my way. So maybe if you are under 30 and don't collect records, you can't feel my pain. But rest assured, some day you will be a hairy old grump too.... if you are lucky.

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