Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ol' Virginia Soul V2.

Ol'Virginia Soul Encore 1965-75 on Arcania International. Looks can be decieving between the dates and the cover( the color scheme looks like some Lester Young reissue or something) of the disc, I though it was going to be some straight up southern soul, but this is leaning heavily in the direction of some straight up funk and kicking R&B. The first 7 tracks are untouchable and it picks back up fast. Raw Soul stand out and get a couple tracks, The lead off track "Baco Walk PT 2" is a killer.
A baby Micheal Jackson rears his head on Reginald Millers "soul clap is back" Could that be Reggie Miller? He is old as shit.
"Born to be a drummer" by the 35th St Gang has a cool Dirtbombs garage feel to it.
All Virginia, All rare. 25 tracks all worth repeated listens. Excellent liner notes.
Good luck finding these 45s

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