Thursday, February 8, 2007

rolling suitcases

rolling suitcases
Airports, Train Stations, Subways, Bus Stations. I hate rolling luggage. Those stupid fucking suitcases with wheels and extended handles that turn anyone walking with one into a giant fucking obstacle. They seem to be lowest common denominator in idiot identification, Pick the fucking thing up and move. They seem to have the effect of making their pilot slower, dumber, and more likely to try and execute some demented three point turn without warning. If you are in one of those locations, you are traveling -trying to get somewhere-so fucking move, hustle, get the fuck out of the way. I do not want to spend anytime behind you as you stare in slack jawed confusion at whatever sign happens before you.
Another tip, as you approach the beginning or end of an escalator, pick the fucking thing up, instead of feebly trying to drag it over whatever little obstacle holds it up. Finally there is the wheeled suitcase superstar, who tries to use their suitcase as a rolling cart, balancing their lunch,newspaper, etc on it as they stagger around in front of you. Right as you need to get past them, their carefully packed load falls all over the ground and they turn into a spastic flapping bird trying to recover. Newsflash, you are not fucking sherpa or a UPS driver. You cannot handle it, don't do it.
If you want to take 500 pound of shit with you somewhere, be able to carry it or be ready to pay a pro to do it for you.

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