Thursday, February 8, 2007

sample identification

I am not claiming to be a samples and breaks expert, but there is a certain joy in hearing a song that you have only heard sampled. My jaw hit the floor the 1st time I heard Joe Cocker's "woman to woman" and realized how much Doc Dre jacked for California Love.
Same thing with Willie Hutch and "stay fly" by triple 6. But the most recent and best was hearing "are you my woman" by the Chi-Lites and realizng where "crazy in love" came from. Songs like these are great because the sample is such a major part to the song. A lot of times the sample comes out of a tune you wouldn't ever want to listen to- for me that is a lot of the proggy/fusion/sdtrk stuff that makes great hip hop, but puts me to sleep. For the sneakier samples

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