Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Buttshakes Soul Party V1 LP

16 tracks of "soul,boogaloo, and raw funk". There are some bigger names on this comp Jamo Thomas, Chuck Willis and Monk Higgins as well as some lesser known artists

Opens up with "Soul Pary part 1" by Billy Clark and the Maskmen who don't disappoint dropping a nice laundry list of items you'll need for your soul party.
Nice breakdown at the end of "Socking Soul Power" by Simtex Simmons and Wylie Dixon-good female back up vocals as well.
Pervis Lavawn & The Commanders steal the show with "crossing over". James Brownish vocals with a wicked groove and a killer sax solo. This is the kind of track that keeps me buying these comps
Soul Inc drop a single that demonstrates some challenges in the recording studio, but make up for it with a wicked drum break and solo.
Butterball "the double B" let's you know he has studied the James Brown Review very closely.
Side one finishes off with a dying to be sampled "Marvin's Groove" by B.W. Soul. Loop the first 20 seconds and your off.
Tommy Dark calls out all the skinny leg girls on "wobble legs" and also throws a jab at the "funky four corners" by Jerry O which is the next track up. Jerry O brought Fabulous Shalimars throws down and inspired JB tribute "funkyline" part one and two.
Electric Man Lionel Davis sings his song "electric man" He leaves them weak. Trust him
Chick Willis drops the track about the African animal the "Mother Foyer". Blue lyrical double entendre. Sing the chorus right and you don't have to say "shhh shut your mouth"
Buddy McKnight wraps up the JB imitators on "everytime part one"
The Other Brothers run through a list of stars seen dancing at "hole in the wall". They even throw in the Batman and Robin theme.
Monk Higgins and the Satelittes finish it off with "mister luckee", Nice organ groove that hints at where Monk would go later in his career.

The good news is there is a Vol 3 of this available and the cover is as good as Vol 1 -and hopefully so are the tunes.

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