Sunday, February 25, 2007

TOC Wrap Up. PS Hincapie is Cursed!

Levi takes the overall win. Jens second and Jason McCartney 3rd. 4 of the top 6 riders were on CSC. 2 out of the top ten were domestic teams. Pro Tour big guns definitely shook things up and took 6 out of 7 stages.
This race was definitely more exciting than I expected. Caught a couple stages on Versus on whatever OLN is called today. And then there's George
Big George breaks his wrist and will need surgery. No classics for him. When he bonks, crashes into ditches, or fails to be aggressive it is kind of funny. This is not funny. There are only so many years left for him and who knows what Discovery will be like next year. I can't see a pro tour team backing him as a classics leader.

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Clarence said...

Hincapie is always going to be a day rider, baby. It's unfortunate -- during Lances' last year, he showed star quality, but, we see how 06 panned out for my boy in the Alps. Tough break for my man. The peleton is looking pretty suspect for this year. We'll see how it plays out.